Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

The No Place for Hate sign out front of PRS in Trimester 2. (Please click on the photo for a slideshow gallery of images related to this story.)

No Place for Hate at PRS (POV Tison)

Hannah Tison ('23), journalist May 23, 2022

The first thing that stuck out to me about the No Place for Hate program was the stickers. One minute students were listening to Ms. Woods, the PRS director of Community & Inclusion, speak about the...

Solange Dzeketey (23) defends for PRS.

PRS Girls Varsity Basketball, 2021-22 (POV Colmignoli)

Luca Colmignoli ('22), journalist May 21, 2022

The first step of my process for creating my story on the PRS girls varsity basketball season was to get to know the team that I was writing about. Knowing the players was key, so I  made a copy of the...

Keenan Walsh surfs for PRS.

Surf Culture at PRS (POV Walsh)

Reese Walsh ('23), journalist May 19, 2022

I initially decided to write a story about teen surf culture in Southern California because of the local connection I have by living in San Diego County. I wanted to explore the perspective of my peers...

Frances Haugen testifies to US Senate committee hearing.

Is Instagram Using You? (POV Monga)

Natalie Monga ('22), journalist May 19, 2022

I was initially drawn to investigate the connection between social media and mental health when Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, was testifying in front of a US Senate committee about a series...

Surf Culture at PRS (POV Brown)

Surf Culture at PRS (POV Brown)

Cassiella Brown ('23), journalist May 11, 2022

I brainstormed several ideas for a story, such as school sports and global travel. As I enjoy surfing and going to the beach, I finally decided that surfing would be my focus. At many schools, including...

Nahua children performing a traditional dance in Puebla, Mexico.

Ethnic Studies for PRS? (POV Maganda)

Erick Maganda ('23), journalist May 10, 2022
I am Nahua, the descendant of the Aztec empire that ruled present day Mexico. I am a part of the biggest indigenous ethnicity in Mexico, yet I am invisible in the United States.  I am not a part of a federally recognized tribe, as my family does not originate from any of the 50 states. The most I am allowed to say is that I’m “Hispanic,” an extremely broad term, or other broad terms like "Latino" or "Latinx." Issues like these are of great importance to people like me, but are nearly always overlooked.
Traditional mooncakes to eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ethnic Studies for PRS? (POV Zhang)

Vivian Zhang ('22), journalist May 10, 2022
Since my family immigrated to the United States when I was in sixth grade, I've been detached from all my friends and relatives. Before I knew it, it was only my father, mother and I squeezed into a tiny condo, within paper-thin walls that separated us from the neighbors and the scenery outside, which seemed as foreign as the bottom of the sea. I knew little English and was at the awkward cusp of adolescence.
PRS boys varsity basketballers do pre-game warm ups, Aidan DeLange (23) under the rim.

PRS Boys Varsity Basketball 2021-22 (POV Kalthia)

Ashay Kalthia ('23), journalist May 9, 2022
There were hundreds of story ideas I could have built from, but basketball kept sticking out to me. I love watching the NBA and the PRS boys’ varsity basketball games, and I love playing in games for JV. I have played basketball my whole life and, while maybe I’m not that good, I'm very passionate about the sport.
Wide receiver, Jean Constant, and quarterback, Zach Edwards, talk to a Sports Illustrated representative at HUB Football Camp.

HUB Football Camp (POV Willsmore)

Evan Willsmore ('22), journalist May 9, 2022
I was immediately welcomed with open arms, and quickly jumped into conversations with players, coaches, and writers alike. I was originally planning to be there for three hours, but ended up staying for five. In terms of specific content I was looking for, I wanted to capture the lives of these football players on and off the field. It’s easy for people to forget that each of these athletes is unique, even if they’re all partaking in the same sport and sharing a similar goal.
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