Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Mike Levin on Healthcare Costs
November 8, 2022
Mike Levin on Critical Race Theory in American Schools
November 7, 2022
PRS Girls Basketball 22 01
Stepping Up to the Challenge: Girls Varsity Basketball 2021-22
Luca Colmignoli ('22), Ashay Kalthia ('23), and Evan Willsmore ('22) May 11, 2022

Last year the Pacific Ridge girls varsity basketball team finished the season...

PRS Boys Basketball Brady Burman shoots
Letters Over Numbers: Boys Varsity Basketball 2021-22
Ashay Kalthia ('23) and Luca Colmignoli ('22) May 11, 2022
“Letters over numbers. This means that we are focusing on the wins over individual stats, and it shows in our playstyle.”
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Marina Ovsyannikova protests the war in Ukraine on Russian TV news broadcast.
Information War: How PRS Students Learn about Ukraine v. Russia
Annita Geng ('22), Ashay Kalthia ('23), Cassiella Brown ('23), Erick Maganda ('23), Hannah Tison ('23), Natalie Monga (, Reese Walsh ('23), and Vivian Zhang ('22) May 21, 2022

Ceaseless photos, videos and written words are being posted on Facebook, TikTok,...

Ukrainian police guard at Kyiv apartment block bombed by Russia.
War in Ukraine: Why is it Happening?
Evan Willsmore ('22) and Luca Colmignoli ('22) May 20, 2022

The war in Ukraine has been big news for months now, but why is it happening?...

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Mike Levin (House Rep. CA 49th District, Dem.) interviewed for The Egg by Reese Walsh (23) & Liz Thacker (23).
13 Questions for Mike Levin
The Egg staff of 2023 November 6, 2022

Around 100 students and faculty met with Mike Levin, our district’s member of the US House of Representatives,...

The Black Lives Matter movement influenced California to mandate Ethnic Studies for high schools.
Ethnic Studies for PRS?
Vivian Zhang ('22) and Erick Maganda ('23) May 15, 2022

Starting from the 2025-26 school year, California public high schools must include an Ethnic Studies...

Ta’Corian Darden, cornerback, during his time with Western Kentucky.
Football Free Agents Try Out at HUB Camp, San Diego County
Evan Willsmore ('22), journalist • May 11, 2022

Last December 15th athletes from across the nation gathered at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California,...

PRS surfers in action: above, Owen Levesque (21) and below, Keenan Walsh (22). Click on photos for GIF movies.
Waves of Happiness: Surf Culture at PRS
Cassiella Brown ('23) and Reese Walsh ('23) May 11, 2022

Ask any coastal Californian and they’ll agree: surfing is an absolute staple of our beloved West Coast...

The No Place for Hate sign out front of PRS in Trimester 2. (Please click on the photo for a slideshow gallery of images related to this story.)
No Place for Hate at PRS (POV Tison)
Hannah Tison ('23), journalist • May 23, 2022
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Delivering, not breaking, the news – PRS Student Journalism