PRS Boys Varsity Basketball 2021-22 (POV Kalthia)

In “The Story of My Story” series, PRS student journalists share the experiences they have, and the lessons they learn, while creating the stories they publish.


Erick Maganda ('23)

PRS boys varsity basketballers do pre-game warm ups, Aidan DeLange (’23) under the rim.

The first step I took in writing my story was brainstorming what to write about. There were hundreds of story ideas I could have built from, but basketball kept sticking out to me. I love watching the NBA and the PRS boys varsity basketball games, and I love playing in games for JV. I have played basketball my whole life and, while maybe I’m not that good, I’m very passionate about the sport. Therefore, for my first journalism story I wanted to focus on a basketball topic and what better topic than our own Firebirds: the PRS 2021-2022 boys varsity basketball team!

Now that my first step was completed, and I had chosen my story, I began doing research. I found the team roster, the season schedule and started gathering game results, then the other stats about the games and individual players. I kept putting all that info into my Google project folder and started work on writing my story.

As the season progressed some of the games were close, and some were more important than others, so I focused on those key games and interviewed people about them and put those interviews into my Google folder too. I kept building my story with all this information, research, and interview quotes, so my rough draft started to take shape. While I was writing the story, I was also getting photos from games, taken by me and my Journalism classmate, Erick Maganda. In fact my favorite moment throughout writing my story was when I went to the PRS boys basketball Senior Night and took photos with Erick. The court was lively, the photos came out amazing and the night was spectacular.

When the season ended I kept polishing the story, always adding info and making adjustments to keep it up to date. Now that it’s almost time to publish the story, I’m doing the last touches and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Looking back I can honestly say that when I was writing my story I never got tired of it. In fact I was enthusiastic from the start to the end, so I’m really looking forward to doing sports journalism again next year.

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