Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Delivering, not breaking, the news - PRS Student Journalism

The Egg

Back Onstage! Community Life 2021-22

“Sometimes I stop and think: ‘I’m at work right now?’” said Eva Schmidt, the coordinator of the Community Life program at PRS. It sounds like Ms. Schmidt enjoys the Community Life events just...

The official Diversity Statement of Pacific Ridge School.

DEI at PRS: Are We Walking the Walk?

Pacific Ridge School prides itself on many things, one of which is its goal to become a diverse and inclusive community. One way to reach that goal is through the school’s commitment to the diversity,...

The No Place for Hate sign out front of PRS in Trimester 2. (Please click on the photo for a slideshow gallery of images related to this story.)

No Place for Hate at PRS (POV Tison)

Hannah Tison ('23), journalist May 23, 2022

The first thing that stuck out to me about the No Place for Hate program was the stickers. One minute students were listening to Ms. Woods, the PRS director of Community & Inclusion, speak about the...

Solange Dzeketey (23) defends for PRS.

PRS Girls Varsity Basketball, 2021-22 (POV Colmignoli)

Luca Colmignoli ('22), journalist May 21, 2022

The first step of my process for creating my story on the PRS girls varsity basketball season was to get to know the team that I was writing about. Knowing the players was key, so I  made a copy of the...

Marina Ovsyannikova protests the war in Ukraine on Russian TV news broadcast.

Information War: How PRS Students Learn about Ukraine v. Russia

Ceaseless photos, videos and written words are being posted on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and other media outlets, updating the world non-stop about the war in Ukraine. Newspapers, TV channels and radio...

Ukrainian police guard at Kyiv apartment block bombed by Russia.

War in Ukraine: Why is it Happening?

The war in Ukraine has been big news for months now, but why is it happening? Many PRS students say that the Russia-Ukraine conflict started because of Russia's goal to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO,...

Keenan Walsh surfs for PRS.

Surf Culture at PRS (POV Walsh)

Reese Walsh ('23), journalist May 19, 2022

I initially decided to write a story about teen surf culture in Southern California because of the local connection I have by living in San Diego County. I wanted to explore the perspective of my peers...

Frances Haugen testifies to US Senate committee hearing.

Is Instagram Using You? (POV Monga)

Natalie Monga ('22), journalist May 19, 2022

I was initially drawn to investigate the connection between social media and mental health when Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, was testifying in front of a US Senate committee about a series...

Artwork by Natalie Monga, based on free internet images.

Are You Using Instagram or Is Instagram Using You?

Natalie Monga ('22), journalist May 18, 2022
Sophie Uchitel (‘22) said, “I don’t think I could detach myself from social media. It is just a facet of myself, which is probably bad because I cannot separate myself from it.”
The Black Lives Matter movement influenced California to mandate Ethnic Studies for high schools.

Ethnic Studies for PRS?

Starting from the 2025-26 school year, California public high schools must include an Ethnic Studies course in their curriculum, according to California State Assembly Bill No. 101. High schoolers will...

Destroyed Russian military vehicle, Lukyanivka, Ukraine, 3/25/22.

War in Ukraine: PRS Students React

The ongoing Ukraine crisis has been a part of daily life for months now and many PRS students seem eager to learn about the tensions and conflicts going on between Ukraine and Russia. Though the conflict...

Ta’Corian Darden, cornerback, during his time with Western Kentucky.

Football Free Agents Try Out at HUB Camp, San Diego County

Evan Willsmore ('22), journalist May 11, 2022

Last December 15th athletes from across the nation gathered at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California, to partake in HUB Football Camp, watched by scouts from various North American leagues. HUB...

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